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Looking for a friendly chamber choir that offers more than a bit of a challenge?
We hope you are! The Jubes is always interested in meeting new singers and auditioning promising voices. If you have some singing experience and reasonable sight reading ability, we'd like to hear from you.

We can offer the pleasure of singing in a small, expert ensemble, the challenge of learning exciting music in a wide range of styles and … a friendly cup of tea in the break at rehearsal. The choir has a strong social side and several gatherings are held during the year, which may take the form of a barbecue, attending a concert or a movie.

If you wish to join, you will be asked to have an audition with the Music Director. The audition process is aimed at getting to know your voice and where it will fit in the choral tone of the choir.
The audition will be over ten minutes and consist of:-
 1. A performance of an unaccompanied folk song ·Choose one of three folk songs provided ·You may sing in a key of your own choice
2. Singing of scales/parts of scales for range
3. Ear tests
·Sing back pitches heard on the piano as quickly as possible
·Sing the middle note of a chord
·Sing back a 4 bar melody to a vowel of your choice
4. Sing Dona Nobis Pacem as a round with the Music Director
5. Sight singing exercise

The music for the folk songs is found in our photogallery. Please also print off the audition form and take it along to your audition.

You are welcome to come to a few rehearsals without any commitment to experience the choir, before deciding whether or not to audition. Rehearsals are held on Mondays at the Music Block, St Andrew’s College, Cnr Normans and Papanui Rd, from 7.15 pm to 9.30 pm. Some additional rehearsals are also usually held the week prior to a performance.

Music Scores
Music is provided free to you on loan from the choir.  All your music will be issued with your own number, and must be returned at the end of each concert.  

Annual Subs
The annual sub is $150, reducible to $140 if paid by the due date. Please speak to Kelvin or Howard if you think you may have difficulty in paying your subscription.

Concert dress
Women wear black long-sleeved top (no collars or polo necks), black skirt or trousers down to the ground, black stockings and (comfortable!) shoes – provided by you.  A green pashmina is provided by the choir and distributed at each concert. The pashmina is held with a pin – you can provide a brooch of your own, or we will give you a safety pin!  Feel free to wear jewellery – but not too distracting for the conductor!

Men (all sartorial elegance!) don a dinner suit, white long-sleeved shirt, black socks, black shoes, black bow tie – all provided by you. 

For more information about rehearsals and auditions, please contact Kelvin Lynn, president of Jubes, on 355 3670 or email

Alternately, if you would like further information about the Choir, wish to join our mailing list or have a query or comment, complete the form.
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