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Welcome to the Jubilate Singers
Welcome to the Jubilate Singers, a Christchurch (New Zealand) SATB chamber choir of around 28 singers. The 'Jubes' present 4-5 public concerts a year featuring a wide range of international and New Zealand choral music and is well-known for its innovative programming and consistently high standard.

Jubilate Singers' 40th Anniversary Concert

It’s nearly 40 years since Martin Setchell established the Jubilate Singers. Since then the choir has had a regular annual concert programme and performed with other choirs, orchestras such as the CSO and NZSO and dance groups. The choir has recorded CDs of music by New Zealand choral composers and music for television.

The choir plans to celebrate our 40th anniversary over the weekend of 25/26 November 2017 with a concert and social programme. The concert will be directed by Sue Densem, our current Music Director, and will also involve her predecessors Martin Setchell, John Pattinson and Grant Hutchinson. Previous members of the Jubes are encouraged to join the choir for the concert and should contact Sue Densem at or 021 224 8146.

For other information about the celebrations contact Kelvin Lynn or 0274 376 542.

If you would like to experience singing in our small specialised choir, where every voice counts and the music is challenging, we would be delighted to hear from you. Contact Susan Densem at . If you are at secondary school or a full time tertiary student there are no fees to join.

Feel free to contact us or join our mailing list ... and do come to our concerts!


Recent reviews of the Jubilate Singers from the Christchurch Press

  • “an outstanding evening of music” Mendelssohn’s Elijah (Sept 2013)
  • The Jubilate Singers can be relied on to give a performance of interest. But I didn’t expect one as consistently polished and exciting as they gave on this occasion. It is not often I can apply the term “exciting” to a local performance of early music, but this was as gripping as similar music I have heard in the great baroque centres of Italy and Austria.” ” Monteverdi’s 1610 Vespers (Sept 2012)
  • "a buoyant Jubilate Singers delivering a cluster of challenging contemporary pieces with panache" Pathways (April 2013)
  • "great beauty of choral tone and a commendable degree of ensemble cohesion"
    Pathways (April 2013)
  • "a successful and colourful programme, and conducted to pleasing effect" Pathways (April 2013)

Feel free to contact us or join our mailing list … and do come to our concerts!

Best wishes

Sue Densem
Music Director  

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